Some ideas for a wind sculpture prototype I’ve been building.

It has been interesting exploring the similarities- in design- between things like sails and animal wings.

I’m also excited because I unexpectedly get to make use of things I find around the house like those clear CD spacers.



The base and legs are made out of a fiberboard type material. The axles are aluminum tubes connected to long screws


Each axle has two bearings (for stability).


I’ve drawn circular designs on each clear disk to block the light. The disks also have a thin coating on them that makes cool little rainbows.



There are three disks, axles and legs.

While I think my construction communicates my ideas for a hypothetical sculpture, it wasn’t the most effective at actually turning in the wind.

In a possible future prototype,  I would:

  • Use bearings that turn more smoothly
  • Have thinner axles that are one piece each
  • Find a stronger, single bulb light source
  • Have lower, staggered blades

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