As a continuation on my last post, here’s what I’ve been doing so far…

For a new set of blades, I modified a wind fan design that was sent to me from the Patching Zone to just to add some interesting curves and angles.

IMG_6810 IMG_6813

Flatter propellor-type blades spun much more easily than the more vertical design that I had originally intended to use.

My last frame was too difficult to modify, so I built another, this time out of adjustable wire and for one blade and one disk.

This allowed me to experiment with different disk designs as well as different distances between the light source and the disks and the ground.



It was then that I figured I could make something like a zoopraxiscope , that 1870s “gif” disk invented by Eadweard Muybridge. However, one would look at the succession of images projected onto the ground instead of on a screen, and the speed of the animation would correlate to the speed of the wind.

(You can look at some photos of Muybridge’s work here)

Here are some images of my early experiments, just trying to get some dots to look like they were moving up and down by punching a spiral of them onto a card disk.

IMG_6817 IMG_6819

The basic idea:



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