Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about ideas of “home”, journey and transition- about what they mean to me and what they are shown to mean in media.

The image of Dorothy’s shoes tapping together as she wishes to go “home” is a particularly strong image. Quite similarly to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Dorothy is pulled in a magical journey and then is simply transported home when she wishes it.

Stories can be quite odd in the way they portray travel. Characters might be helped home (or back to their old life) when they feel they can go no further. Sam and Frodo are lifted up by giant eagles, Peter sails Wendy home in a sky ship, the Pevensies follow a stag out of Narnia and become children again.

In stories, the journey’s beginning and end are clear and distinct, which I think is one of the reasons we are always looking to define clear and distinct transitions in our own lives.


Never the less, watching these two stories, one can immediately identify with the feeling of surreality and homesickness that often accompanies travel (to a magic land or not).

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