Working on my animation of Alice, I decided that several things are going to change in the Wonderland to England transition.



The initial setting is Wonderland. This will have a more simplistic, cartoonish style. Alice’s dress is more triangular, she has a disproportionately large bow on her head. The colours will be more vibrant. Illustrations such as the King of Hearts will be leaning and leering out of the playing cards..



Alice begins with a scared pose, which becomes more relaxed through the full animation until it resembles that of a sleeping person. Card illustrations gain more neutral expression and lean back into their card poses.



Cards begin to fade away and move out of the frame Alice is given more detail and is less stylistic than before. Her eyes close.



At the end of the animation, Alice is back home, asleep in the grass. Flowers, resembling those on the Queen of Clubs card, are growing around her. This is a subtle hint to the idea that Wonderland is a place that exists within Alice’s head and is derived from her memories of the “real” world.

The colours will be more subtle toward the end.

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