Spin Cookie

Hello! This last semester, for my massive triple course, I’ve had 3 main projects to work on.

For first project, I helped develop a product and learnt all about marketing. The product needed to have gone through a digital process. Combining my devotion to baking and art with electronics, we came up with a system to spin designs onto cookies.

sally's spin cookie picture

Here’s a photo that my team mate Sally took of one of the latest iterations. Sally did most of the work on an Arduino-based device in which the user could control the speed of a spinning container.

The final recipe took a lot of testing with icing consistency. It needed to flow across the cookie but not be so thin that the colour wouldn’t show. It also needed to account for the fact that it was being whipped by air as it spun. Experimentations and user-feedback revealed a lot of things we didn’t anticipate.

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