Day Dreaming

I really like the credit sequences for animated movies, mostly because of the way they often cleverly transition between scenes. The credit sequence for the latest Tintin movie had some pretty neat transitions.

Taking these sequences as inspiration, I made a Unity prototype where two different locations were linked by two identical views. In the first scene, that view is a cracker floating in a bowl of soup. As if the focal character were daydreaming, the player looks up to find that they are suddenly floating in a blimp above a sunset-lit lake.

This type of transition is tricky and only really possible with a flat shaded style, but can transport the player to a radically different place in a really fun way.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 11.08.37 PM
Rendered in Unity and Blender using unlit shaders

This is a sort of 3D interactive metaphor, a visual equivalent of the phrase:

“The cracker floated atop the squash soup, a raft on a sun-lit lake”

The gif below shows a similar type of transition, but one that is more finicky and only works in isometric view. This is possible with any two scenes (or groups of objects) that look identical at a specific angle.


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