Here are some images of some recent wearable electronics projects.

Bee detail holding a length of conductive rubber in place for stretch sensing
A glove to detect certain hand movement and help prevent repetitive strain injuries for artists.
Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 5.40.58 PM
Design concepts
Coin pouches that strap onto a belt and wirelessly notify another person’s pouch when a coin is inserted, making use of their conductivity. Uses Nudgeables, a kit from the Social Body lab at OCAD
Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 1.20.11 AM
Circuit layout of a glove that plays a part of a hide and seek type game. This game would be played in the dark and users would send coloured light signals to each other with the risk of giving away their location.
A cuff that responds to sound with light. Crochet detail covers and protects a Lilypad circuit board. 

(The pattern for the crochet squares can be found here)

A conceptual jewelry prototype for the future
Wire detail








Future City


Here are a few images from a project that I worked on late last year. The project included the designing of a futuristic city. To address the very likely possibility of major natural disasters (caused by extreme climate change), my piece models a city focused on adaptability and mobility. In concept, the buildings are simply assemblages of living space modules, which can break apart from each other and transport themselves to safer environments.