Playing with Processing

sketch sketch2

Some screen captures of some processing experiments. I wanted to generate imagery that would respond to the user in random-looking but interesting ways. This is mostly a result of the rotate function. I also used this library for getting drawing tablet input into Processing:, but used mouse input in place of pen pressure input to make blobs of varying width.

For my next project, I decided to do something a bit less crazy looking.


This is a screen capture of what the program can generate. Basically, it’s a story creator that relies on data that comes through a proximity detector and button (attached with Arduino). The user moves their hand like a conductor of an orchestra, and depending on their direction and speed, the story’s tone shifts.

The imagery at the bottom changes as well, allowing the user to practice their movement before starting the story generation.

The project has a lot of room to grow, as it is still very simple. It was based around the idea of giving the conductor the power to control the story, rather than have them conduct the music around a story.