The first day of figure painting was intimidating. I hadn’t had the freedom to take any art courses earlier, and I was walking into a class full of third years in Drawing and Painting, Illustration or General Art. Digital Futures is more about tech, design and sometimes business. Throughout the course, I worked on my painting and traditional art skills which helped me to use more colour in my digital work.

Figure Study
Colour Experimentation
Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 5.27.43 PM

I’m happy I took the course. I’m certain I gained a new lens in which to see colour. I’m also more ok with the feeling of “what am I doing here?” because I know it can lead to growth.



artstyle3 beetle beetle2

In Game Design, I’ve been doing a lot of the art for a new computer game about pesticide resistance. I’ve looked at so many pictures of beetles that I’m seeing them everywhere. I’ve also started to learn how to animate with photoshop.